Top 5 Best Dubstep/brostep Songs Of All Time

Dubstep/brostep has been become the most popular genre in electronic music over the last couple of years in the United States. Many Dubstep advocates call Dubstep made in the United States, Brostep. There is not really that much of a difference other than the fact that Dubstep is from the UK and Brostep is from the US and sometimes known to be a bit heavier than Dubstep from across the seas. This list will count down the top 5 best Dubstep/Brostep songs (This list is my opinion and if you agree something should be added, then please comment politely in

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5. Dirty Sexy by Rusko (2012): Rusko is one of the geniuses and masterminds behind the new UK Dubstep sound and he has been quite successful over the years with great songs like "Woo Boost" and "Hold On." Though this song cannot compete with the other two I have named in heaviness, the mechanics and flow of the song are better than most we hear today. This song, "Dirty Sexy," off of Rusko's new album, shows that he is staying true to his sound, the sound of Dubstep in general, and is not going to test the limits too much like some producers have today.

4. Unison by Porter Robinson (Knife Party Remix 2012): This song is right on so many levels. The house/dubstep duo, Knife Party, from Australia, have made some of the most memorable tracks in both genres, and this one is no exception. The track is faster than most Dubstep songs, but it still has a flow like no other. It is similar to Skrillex's "Reptile" in many ways, but at the same time, keeps its originality with an amazing house-like lead in. All Knife Party songs are quite original (if you have never heard "Internet Friends," you would not know what I am talking about) and have fans begging for more. 

3. Cinema by Benny Benassi (Skrillex Remix 2011): To many people in the United

States, this remix of Benny Benassi's dance song "Cinema" is the best Dubstep/Brostep remix out there. I could not agree more. This remix is so well made, and it really exhibits the true essence of modern US Brostep. And like all Skrillex songs, the drop makes your jaw drop to, the first time you hear it. Skrillex is often dubbed as the King of Brostep, which could be true, but there are others that make the list above him. 

2. Game Over by Datsik & Flux Pavilion (2009): Before Skrillex, Brostep's main contributors were Excision, Downlink, and Datsik, while Flux Pavilion was a major Dubstep contrubutor in England. This song shows the amazing song that can be made when bringing together Brostep and Dubstep to make an insane combination. The song "Game Over" brings together Datsik's in your face, power sound with Flux Pavilion's more reserved, flowing noise. Combining the elements made this song a major success and helped to bring Dubstep into the mainstream. 

1. Existence (VIP) by Excision & Downlink (2011): This could very well be the best Dubstep/Brostep song of all time, in my opinion. Excision and Downlink, in their own rights, make extremely dirty songs, but together, they created an extremely dirty, powerful song that definitely stands on its own in many ways. The song is a bit slow to start, but when that insane drop comes, good luck not wanting to replay the song again. 

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