Living A Fast Paced Life: Pros And Cons

We have all heard the well known phrase "live everyday like it is your last on Earth." Sure, the underlying message is quite philosophical, but do we really need to live every day like we are going to die tomorrow. Everybody following this lifestyle would be inclined to move their life at a break neck's pace and though in some ways, that is a good thing, in other aspects, it is not. This article will list the pros and cons of living a fast paced lifestyle.

Pros: Living a fast paced life can be commendable in many ways. For one thing,

it requires a lot of stamina to live a life that requires you to move around a lot, and if you do not already have much, you will build a lot of it. Nothing is ever set in stone, and whenever you make a decision, you can easily switch it up. There is not one thing scheduled or on a regiment, and everything done is free of worry and of speculation. What is done next? It is always up to the imagination. Just make a list, do everything on it, and move to making another list. There is nothing stopping you from having a true adventure.

Cons: Living a

fast paced life lacks structure or regiment. This is, honestly, not the best way to live when children are involved because of the fact that children need structure in their lives and should not have to leave their friends from school every six months to move to a new city. A parent that makes a child move every six months is selfish and depriving their child of making necessary relationships with other kids. Also, living a fast paced life is exhausting, and the worry-free mentality may end up getting you in trouble with law enforcement or the IRS. Having no worries will make it so it does not matter how much money you have in your pocket so long as you have fun.

In the end, I find the cons outweigh the pros regarding a fast paced lifestyle. Though there is always something new learned from moving around and having fun, having a schedule and structure to help regulate your life is always the ideal way to live. It makes it so there are always fallback options and backups plans to make it in a rough world.

Article Written By R. Turk

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