Do Not Use Triond: They Think They Are Too Good For You

Today, I decided that I would try to expand my article writing business to other websites. I ended up looking into Triond as a great candidate to write for alongside Experts Column to maximize my profits and more importantly, my viewership. I have heard stories about writing cocurrently for two or more websites at once. But Triond must think they are too good for me because I wrote an article to introduce myself and submitted two articles I wrote first on this website and they ended up declining all of them.

"The article that you have submitted does not contain a

sufficient level of writing quality for publication on our sites. We do not have an appropriate location for your article and will not be able to publish it" is what they ended up saying to me when they rejected all three of my submitted articles. I find that quite a disrespectful comment to give a writer seeing the fact that two of the articles were good enough for this website, yet not "high quality" enough for Triond. I work quite hard on every article I write, taking between 20 minutes and 40 minutes depending on how much research I partake in. Triond might want to learn they are not deities in the article writing business.

Experts Column may have taken down a couple of my articles for questionable content, which is fine (it was a touchy subject), but they have

never prevented me from sharing my opinion or adding an article to their website. I find that completely unbelievable Triond would just blountly reject my work like that. Well I have a message for Triond: you are not too good for my work. My work is too good for you and therefore, I will not be attempting to publish anything else on your website. I will write 1,000 articles for Experts Column, who have respected my work and stuck with me the entire way before I compose 1 mesely thing for your obnoxious staff.

This article has been written for you to warn you not to use Triond. Triond is not worth your time; you are a better writer than to subject yourself to such insult. If you want to expand your profits, try to write cocurrently with Associated Content or Hubpages. But do not utilize Triond. I do not mind criticism; I hear it everyday. What I do mind is someone else's lack of respect for my work and that is what Triond has exhibited as of today. I will spread the word as best as I can, but I could use all of your help to do the same. If Triond thinks they are too good for your work, turn the other cheek. You do not need them.

Article Written By R. Turk

My name is R. Turk, and I have been a content writer and columnist on Experts Column for several years now. Check out my old articles, or read some of the new ones coming your way soon. I took a hiatus from writing, and now, I am back and better than ever.

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