There Is No Lqp-79 Virus: The Miami Cannibal Was Just Really High

Most people have heard of the disturbing and disgusting case that happened in Miami, Florida. If you have not heard, 31 year old Rudy Eugene attacked homeless wanderer Ronald Poppo on May 26. After jumping him and throwing him a few feet away from the Miami Herald building, he spent around 18 minutes eating his face off on the spot. By the time police had finally responded, Eugene had consumed 80% of Poppo's face. The officer ordered Eugene to back away, which he ignored and continued eating. In the end, the officer shot Eugene four times. After this incident, many

people on the Internet began to cry zombie attack.

Pictures and video of the incident are available all over the web, as security cameras at the Miami Herald building captured the whole long, grueling incident. Then, a rumor began that Mr. Eugene, the so-called "zombie" had a virus known as LQP-79 Virus, which according to the article that published it, "destroys internal organs" and "makes the body crave human flesh." Now, there are hundreds of thousands of people who are demanding that the government fund a program to find a vaccine for this incredibly specific and quite unbelievable virus.

People, if you believe this, you are so gullible. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE LQP-79 VIRUS!

I mean I have accepted the fact that anything is possible, but really? Someone decided it would be funny to make gullible people panic

by creating a fake cannibal virus? The first clue to everybody that this virus is not real is the fact that the virus' origin is a mock article called The Cannibal from Miami has been confirmed as a host of LQP-79, a deadly virus." 

This is a mock article! It is an article that pokes fun at real events that may be gruesome and disturbing to some. And where is the CDC (Center for Disease Control), who is supposed to warn us of these impending threats? Obviously, if they are not making a ruckus about it, there is no deadly virus. The CDC can continue with their disturbing "quit smoking" ads without worrying about something else.

Honestly, there is no such thing as the LQP-79 Virus. The Miami cannibal, Rudy Eugene, was just really high on bath salts, a group of many drugs that are easy to find and have the same effects on users as cocaine, ecstasy, and other methamphetamines. That is the culprit. Mr. Poppo did survive the incident and is currently in critical condition. This situation just shows how gullible that society can be and how people will believe anything they read, even if what they read, means nothing at all.

Article Written By R. Turk

My name is R. Turk, and I have been a content writer and columnist on Experts Column for several years now. Check out my old articles, or read some of the new ones coming your way soon. I took a hiatus from writing, and now, I am back and better than ever.

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