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Sarcastic Writing is the Most Fun Way to Write
Published By R. Turk on 2012-02-22 1074 Views

People who write articles for money use their occupation as a way to state their opinion and spread the word on certain aspects of life that they have exceptional expertise on. But sometimes, writing standard article after standard article can get a bit laborious and boring at the same time, to say the least. To switch up a little bit, the best way to write an article is by using sarcasm, a tone of voice in writing that uses biting wit to poke fun at aspects of life or many other issues that recently happen.

The hardest part of this job is the patience involved and keeping with it though you are not making very much money in the very beginning. Using sarcasm in your writings are a good way to switch it up, keep yourself entertained, and give your readers a show. Readers, in most cases, think sarcasm brightens up a column, while still generating the same intended message. In my opinion, sarcasm adds something to an article, and when used correctly, can make the article not only more fun to read, but also more informative.

I have created a few sarcastic articles in my time on this website. I have a recent article called "There is a Crisis in Syria and We Are More Concerned About Judi Dench Going Blind" in which I analyze what breaking news really is and what breaking news was breaking into the tabloids that day. I compared them in a sarcastic tone, displaying how breaking news needs to affect everyone in the country in some way and essentially Judi Dench going blind would not (to read the article, clink the link).

Sarcasm helps a writer make their message hit home with their readers. Who would not want to get a little giggle out of something they read? It is especially good to read a sarcastic tone in an article about a very serious event, just to lighten it up. However, many writers have done that and lost their jobs, so choosing the serious event wisely is very important. But at the same time, do not associate sarcastic writing with risk. Sarcastic writing, when used correctly, is the most entertaining type of article to read. If every article were just informative ones, then they would all look exactly the same... 

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