The Pros And Cons Of Spring

Spring is a very beautiful season, but it also has its issues: every season does. Fall's days are too long and rainy, Winter's days are too short and cold, and Summer is just too humid and too hot. You would think Spring would be the best of them all, but that assumption could not be more wrong. Spring has its pros and its cons, in which neither outweigh the other, and this article will list them in full. 

Pros: Spring is honestly a vision to watch happen outside. All plants are in full bloom and all of the animals that went

into hiding because of the brisk cold of the winter decide to come out and play. The temperatures finally begin to rise after a very brisk, frigid winter weather pattern. Flowers begin to show up on the trees and in the bushes. The wather usually ends up being perfect: not too hot and not too cold. People are perfectly motivated to get active, run outside, take a walk, or ride a bike. It is always good to see everyone happy, and it seems that Spring Fever brings everyone together.

Cons: Everyone knows

that flowers grow their petals and trees grow their leaves, but there are a few other more pesky blooms happening. Molds and weeds are known to grow increasinly quick in the Spring and therefore, if you have bad allergies and are allergic to mold especially, it could be a long season. On top of that, pollen from the plants traveling through the air or transported by animals, further adds to Spring allergies. There are many people allergic to pollen and the higher the pollen count, the more sore people's throats will be. I am also not a big fan of rain, and Spring is the season of rain with Fall coming in as a close second. The rain gets everything wet and just makes the ground smell more like wet pollen. However, I know that flowers do bloom because the rain allows for the seeds to grow. But could we not scale the rain back just a little bit. April showers get on my nerves because they happen so frequently. 

Article Written By R. Turk

My name is R. Turk, and I have been a content writer and columnist on Experts Column for several years now. Check out my old articles, or read some of the new ones coming your way soon. I took a hiatus from writing, and now, I am back and better than ever.

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