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Why Dystopian Novels Are Amongst the Most Popular
Published By R. Turk on 2012-03-25 47 Views

There is something special about dystopian novels and that special element is the main character's struggle against society. Whatever dystopian novel you read, the main character is always struggling to defeat the set traditions of the usually unjust society formed. The society is usually formed by a dictator, and most of the time, the dictator's identity is a mystery and usually shrouded in the shadows by a nickname. The question is why are these types of novels so popular?

I feel that dystopian novels have gained popularity over the years because people want to read about rebellion and change. Readers want to see a society different than their own and pick out what goes right and what oppression the civilians suffer through. Some readers also attempt to compare their own lives and society around them to that of the life of the main character in the society of the book. Most of the time, dystopian novels embellish many of the bad and harsh characteristics of a person and of society. Dystopian novelists want to make the readers think "what if?" What if everyone was brainwashed by a dictator? What if we were all subject to fight for our lives for someone's enjoyment? 

There are many extremely famous dystopian novels released to date. The most recent one that has caught the public's eye is The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. The first book, titled The Hunger Games, sold over 40 million copies and the movie that was just released this weekend hit over $150 million in its opening weekend. My personal favorite to read, however, was 1984 by George Orwell, talking about every aspect of society being completely controlled by a dictator who no one knows named Big Brother. On top of that, all the history of the world has been rewritten and no one knows anything that is legitimate. There are many other good ones however, such as Brave New World by Thomas Huxley and Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. 

The dystopian novel genre is a very interesting one and though the thought of a utopian society rising up is quite unrealistic to some, it actually is more realistic than one thinks. It only takes one person society to learn how to control others for a utopia to rise up. To not let that happen, we all must stay educated to know what is true and what is false. In the end, we do not want to get our books burned and we certainly do not want to have to fight for our lives in a coloseum. 

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