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What is the Best Teen/Adult Animated Series Out There Right Now?
Published By R. Turk on 2012-03-17 96 Views

This question has always interested me. Adult animated series have been going strong since the formation of Matt Groening's greatest accomplishment, The Simpsons. Now the teenage and adult themed animated series genre is one of the more vast ones out there and it has many different shows that have been around for a long time, but also some newcomers that have helped to shape the genre for the futre. This is a countdown of the best teen/adult animated series currently on television.

1. The Simpsons (1989-present): FOX- On a list of the greatest teen/adult animated series of all time, this show would surely win. Though the material, in my opinion, has gone downhill over the years, having an animated series last almost 23 seasons and over 500 episodes now and winning 27 Primetime Emmy awards in its time makes this show a living legend. I do not think any other animated show will last longer than The Simpsons and though it is starting to lose its comedy a bit, the show will stick around just for the traditional aspect of it. When this show gets cancelled, many will be upset by it. 

2. Family Guy (1999-present): FOX- Family Guy, created by comedy mastermind Seth MacFarlane, is a much more raunchy show than The Simpsons and some others, but the gags and flashbacks just make this show work in a league of its own. FOX thrice tried to cancel Family Guy, but it just gained popularity in syndication and came right back. Ten seasons later with over 180 episodes under their belt, Family Guy still proves to have most of the same comedy as they did in the beginning. Although many say it is going downhill, but with being on television for over 10 years, it is basically allowed. 

3. American Dad (2005-present): FOX- Fellow Seth MacFarlane animated comedy American Dad of course would make the cut. But unlike the prior two on this list, American Dad's comedy quality has actually increased over each season. In the beginning, I did not find the show to be very funny, but starting at around season 3 or 4, we could see a change for the better coming and American Dad has become a staple on FOX's Animation Domination block on Sunday nights. No one can deny them a spot on this list. 

4. Archer (2009-present): FX- There is a great reason for Archer to be my first cable animated comedy on my list. Sure, the humor is wrong on so many levels and boy does it deserve the TV-MA rating it receives, but at the same time, Agent Sterling Archer is still a loveable character and more lifelike than many in other series. Many can relate to some of the storylines and provides a raunchy type of comedy that no one could honestly stop watching. 


South Park (1997-present): Comedy Central- What can you say about South Park? It is completely insane, totally unbelievable, and most of the time unacceptable. I knew there was a reason why most people love this show. South Park is a perfect cross between black comedy, surreal humor, and satire that you could not believe would work together, but it just does. I, once in a while, will indulge in an episode of South park, but repackaging may not last forever. 

Other Prospects That Did Not Quite Make The List: 

6. Futurama (FOX 1999-2003; Comedy Central 2009-present): Comedy Central- In a way, I am glad they brought this show back, but I cannot help to wonder if they started from scratch. Bender is the only consistent character now from the original episodes. 

7. The Cleveland Show (2009-present): FOX- This Seth MacFarlane animated comedy just never really caught on with me. 

8. Robot Chicken (2005-present): Adult Swim- Seth Green needs to come up with some new concepts; it is getting repetitive. 

9. The Boondocks (2005-present): Adult Swim- This comedy/drama animated series has not received the respect it deserves. It is quite a great prospect, especially if they come out with a new season. 

10. Unsupervised (2012-present): FX- This animated comedy follows Archer in the lineup. I do not know if it received enough popularity to get renewed, but had similar comedy to Archer and has potential if it keeps developing. 

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